You are currently viewing Dry Shampoo… Dry Conditioner… Where to use? Why? and How?

Dry Shampoo… Dry Conditioner… Where to use? Why? and How?

Dry Shampoo Dry Conditioner – What is the difference?

Where to use Dry Shampoo and Where to use Dry Conditioner.

Dry Shampoo – this is a must have in every girls kit. When you wake up late and no time to wash and style, DRY SHAMPOO will come to the rescue. Spray at your root area and it takes all those little nasties away.

Can you use DRY SHAMPOO on dark hair? ABSOLUTELY!! Just make sure that the brand that you use will not leave a white powdery residue. We completely trust and recommend KEUNE REFRESH DRY SHAMPOO in the STYLE range.

Dry Conditioner – if you are lacking shine and gloss – this is a must. Blondes always lack shine, it is just part of the colour spectrum, blondes will absorb light and dark colours will reflect light (shine). DRY CONDITIONER is the must for blondes and giving that beautiful salon shine.

Try the NEW KUENE REFRESH DRY CONDITIONER and experience the difference.

If you are unsure on WHAT to use and HOW to use, make an appointment to see your stylist and talk about the best products and options.

From Nicole

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