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Our Sunshine Coast Hairdresser’s 4 Top Tips For Stunning Locks In Summer

When it comes to the broad spectrum of beauty treatments and products, it is fair to say that the one aspect of yourself that is going to be on show every single day is your hair! We all know a few tips and tricks for covering up things like blemishes and spots when our skin is playing up, but when you are having a bad hair day, sometimes there really is nowhere to hide unless you want to wear a hat all day long! With that in mind, the team here at Strut Hair want to share some advice with you. Here are some top tips for maintaining stunning locks from a hairdresser on the Sunshine Coast.

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Focus On Your Scalp

When washing your hair, a lot of people make the mistake of focusing the tips of their hair rather than the roots and scalp. When shampooing, you should be aiming to massage the product on your scalp, as this will promote healthy growth and cleanliness all over the head. Just focusing on the lengths of your hair can cause dull and coarse flyaways. Your conditioner is designed for the ends of your hair, apply this through the midlengths and end, use a wide tooth comb and comb through. This will distribute the product evenly and you will inturn use less product, saving you money.

Protect When Swimming

You’ll probably do more swimming in the summer. When swimming both in the sea and in a chlorinated pool, it is really important to protect your hair with a swimming cap or sunscreen for your hair, such as Keune Care Sun Shield. The effects of chlorine in particular can be very damaging on your hair, especially if you have recently coloured or bleached it. ALWAYS ALWAYS wash and condition your hair after swimming, at Strut Hair and Beauty we recommend Keune Sun Shield Shampoo with a targeted Conditioner.


At all costs, you must stay away from any kind of 2-in-1 hair product if you want the most protection and satisfaction! You need to use separate shampoo and conditioners in order to give your hair as much nourishment as it needs to really shine and stay healthy.

Dry With An Old Shirt

Save some of your old t-shirts and use those to dry your hair instead of a rougher towel. The softer fabric of a t-shirt will be much kinder to your strands and promote far less breakage.

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