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Time for Change

Autumn… The time for change in many areas! We start to wear more clothes, We change the colour in our clothes, We cover our skin,  Our skin looses colour, Condition of our Skin and Hair begin to loose moisture from less humidity as the wind and cold starts to slowly enter our days.

The perfect time for change. Autumn 2019 brings soft warm tones into hair. Soft Buttery Blondes… Velvet Strawberry Coppers and Warm Rich Chocolates. These are just some of the beautiful soft tones that will be strong for Autumn.

BUT… Change is not only for colour, cut and tone… BUT for condition of hair and skin.

Hair – Make sure you monitor the condition of your scalp. When the climate starts to change, so does the balance on your scalp.

Make sure you are hydrating your hair. Humidity is beginning to drop. Now is the time to introduce moisture. We love the Keune  So Pure Moisture Range. Just adding a moisture treatment into your weekly routine or Moroccan Oil to your ends as a daily practice can be the little things that make the big difference.

Skin – EXFOLIATE DETOX EXFOLIATE… The perfect time to renew and revitalise. Introduce a weekly exfoliant or detox to your skin routine. Only a few extra minutes and this can make the world of difference.

Moisturisers are definitely something that needs reviewing when the seasons change. Hydration is the key.

AND don’t forget eye cream. This can be your little saviour for years to come. For me it has been one of the best investments and one of the things that I will NEVER give up.

We love Ahava! This range contains extracts from the Dead Sea and has something that is simple yet affordable to everyone. Talk to us about the best programs and we give you the opportunity to TRY before you BUY.

We love change at Strut Hair and Beauty! Our aim is to talk and introduce change to everyone. Change doesn’t have to be big. It can be as small as tone. BUT change is just as much fun for you as it is for us.

From Nicole

Strut Hair and Beauty