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To Fringe or NOT To Fringe

To Fringe or NOT To Fringe?

This is the BIG question… So many of us are still needing therapy over our child hood fringes/bangs… BUT they are very much CURRENT and in FASHION. So how do you know when this is RIGHT for you?

We are loving the new look of fringes and bangs for 2019, you can have BIG ones, Little ones, WIDE ones narrow ones, FAT ones, skinny ones and the list goes on. Fashion over the years is becoming so individual and totally about the person who wears it. The great news with this is you can/will be current with loads of different looks.

When we consider fringes and bangs with our clients this involves a big discussion, what has been their experience previously, WHY  are they considering it again now, HOW much TIME  do you have to spend styling your hair and what don’t they like about fringes NOW  and previously, Colour makes a HUGE difference in how a fringe appears. Ensure that your stylist is being strategic on how your colour appears and this can make or break your whole look.

A couple of things that we do to ensure that you are ready to take the plunge…

  1. Visuals – have loads of photos of what you like and don’t like.
  2. What type of hairline do you have and what is going to suit this look the best?
  3. Play with your hair and create pretend fringes so that you can get a feel for how it will look.
  4. Have a little or alot of colour to accentuate the fringe and your look. AND make sure that it is placed correctly.
  5. LEARN LEARN LEARN how to style your fringe.
  6. GO SLOW….Tkae little steps when removing length, this is a 30min appointment NOT 5mins.
  7. talk talk talk  TO YOUR STYLIST.

I always say to my clients, “this is not a quick decision and we will work together to create the best fringe for them”.

We love creating and we love making our clients feeling beautiful. Come in and chat with us if a fringe or bangs are on your mind.

Thank you The Strut Team xx

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