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10 Hair Trends in 2021: Colours, Cuts and Hairstyles You Can’t Miss This Year

With nowhere to go, your 2020 hair might be looking bleak and dull right about now. You’ll be pleased to hear that 2021 is calling for a makeover. With plenty of hair trends to choose from, you’ll be able to transform your locks. Whether you’re undecided between a new hair colour, a fashionable cut, or a chic hairstyle, we’ve got you covered with 10 stylish, current hair trends that will help you forget your 2020 do.

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1. Silver purple hair

A fusion of two hair colours, shades that merge two hues into one are becoming popular in the beauty world. Silver-purple is bold, confident, and brings together purple with glittery silver tints for that sassy look.

2. Rose brown hair

You might think that brunette hairstyles are basic, but you can spice it up with this look. Although you can add a warm or cool touch to your locks, rosy brown hair is becoming a firm favourite.

silver purple hair trend 2021

3. Side-swept bangs

If you’re a bang hairstyle type of gal, you’ll be happy to know that side-swept bangs are seriously fashionable for 2021. Not only is it iconic, but this style is perfect to highlight your features; particularly, those of you with wider foreheads as it brings attention to your eyes.

4. Shag haircuts

shag haircut at strut hair sunshine coast

Yes, they’re back and trendier than ever. Shag haircuts are a fabulous way to pay tribute to the rock and rollers of the 70s era. With its multiple layers and bangs, it fits in perfectly with that cool-girl, edgy look.

5. Blunt bob

Lockdown has made short hair a vibe for 2021 (not that we’re complaining). If you want that sleek and sharp look, you’ll have to put in some effort as the blunt bob requires a lot of maintenance. 

6. Two-tone hair

Why decide on one haircut when you can go for two? Two-tone hair is all about customising your hair needs. There is nothing to stop you from fulfilling your multi-coloured fantasies with this look. Whether you want coloured ends or rock-coloured roots, you’re free to do so.

Short Hair with Pink — Hair Services in Maroochydore, QLD

7. Pixie hair

Back at you with another short hair trend. With a pixie hairstyle, you can choose just one-length or get it cut shorter on the back or sides and leave it longer on the top.

8. Lob with choppy layers

If you want to have a go at playing with length without the commitment of a bob, a lob with choppy layers is the perfect answer – especially for those of you with thin or fine hair.


9. Milk chocolate swirl hair

Milk chocolate hair is a winner in 2021 if you want to add some shine to dark brown hair for a warm finish. For the perfect look, ask for hues of gold and light brown to be added to your dark hair.

10. Pastel hair

Pastel hair is not going anywhere. This look is gaining a lot of fame in the beauty world – be it the mermaid hair or unicorn hair trend, you can have plenty of fun with this one.

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