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2023 Hair Trends You Need To Know About

Oh, hair trends, how we love to follow you! It seems like every year there are new styles and colours that take over the internet and our social media feeds. So, what’s in store for us in 2023? Keep reading to find out!

Whether you’re looking to change up your look or just want to stay ahead of the curve, these hair trends are a must-know for 2023. Happy styling!

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A Hair Style Trend

Hair Style Trends

Changing your hairstyle can drastically change how you look and feel! It’s an easy way to try something new and give yourself a fresh start for the new year. Here are a few that we have on our radar for 2023.

Side Fringes

A timeless trend but often overlooked in recent decades, the side fringe is back on the scene in a big way in 2023.  This style is so versatile it will work for pretty much any hair texture or length. So why not give it a try? It’s easy to maintain and looks stylish no matter what you’re wearing!

The Bob

This style was famous back in the 70s and it’s so exciting to see it make a comeback. With the ’70s being an era of style, colour, music and fashion, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to this iconic look.

Short And Spiky

There’s something about this edgy look that keeps it so fresh and daring. Whether you’re trying to go for something punk-inspired or old-school cool, you can find a way to make a spiky hairdo fit in with your own unique tastes.

Natural, Long Curls

If you’ve been finding it hard to embrace your natural curls, 2023 is your year! Long, natural curls are definitely in, so, put those straighteners away and you’ll be the envy of all your straight-haired friends.

Of course, if you have straight hair and you love the look of long, natural curls, talk to your hairdresser about getting that look for yourself.

The Bixie

2023 is all about the Bixie cut. This super versatile and edgy look is bringing style to a whole new level this year. From mid-length sides to an undercut back, the Bixie cut gives you all kinds of fun options. Whether you want to slick it and rock the business casual look or add a little curl on the side with a retro vibe, everyone’s doing the Bixie.

Bouncy And Blow Dried

Forget dead straight hair and bring back the bounce in 2023. Getting this hairstyle just right requires a quality cut first, so you have something to work with.  Hair can’t be too short or unevenly layered– it needs to be on point before you even think of picking up that hair dryer! My advice? Find a great hairdresser who knows exactly how to cut layers for the best results.

A Copper Hair Colour

Hair Colour Trends

There are so many ways to make an impact, and one of the most unique and fun can be by changing your hair colour. Some of the colours set to trend in 2023 are:


Cool copper tones are about to be all the rage for hair colour. Strawberry blonde, copper blonde and red-orange hues are all predicted to take over in the new year, so it’s time to start getting creative with your look.


The gorgeous, warm tones of this colour make it incredibly complementary for a range of skin tones, and its subtle richness is perfect for creating beautiful hairstyles without being too showy.

Solid, Shiny Colour

2023 is going to be all about solid hair glazes with lots of shine. Whether you want to make a big statement, create a show-stopping look or tone it down with something subtler – there’s a hue for everyone! Now’s the chance to try that eye-catching colour that has been carefully curated specifically for you.

Warm Blondes

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this moment, but it’s finally here. Warm, honey blonde is back for 2023. This summer be prepared to see plenty of gorgeous, honeyed sunshine shades on the streets and the beach.

So, whether you’re looking to make a big change or just want to add a little flair to your current style, at Strut Hair and Beauty, we know the hairstyles and colours for 2023 that will be sure to turn heads. If you want to ensure you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to hair, make an appointment via our online booking system, or call us today on 07 5443 5605. We can help you choose the perfect look for your personality and lifestyle. Can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store? Neither can we!