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Daily Hair Care Routine: Our Hairdresser’s Tips

We all want beautiful hair. Whether you want long luscious locks or prefer a short crop, taking care of your hair is vitally important to keeping it healthy and shiny. You take time to carry out your skincare routine, so why not pay the same attention to your hair? It is just as important and can have fantastic results – if it’s done properly.

In this article we will look at the best ways to take care of your hair on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Daily Hair Care

Your daily hair care routine depends on the kind of hair you have. For example, thin and oily hair may require daily washing, which curly or dry hair can do without! If you do have hair that is on the drier side, wash it two to three times a week rather than every day.

When your hair is clean and wet, carefully dry it with a microfibre towel. Do NOT rub your wet hair with the towel but press it carefully to avoid damage. When your hair is towel-dry blow dry it carefully (on a low heat setting), using a heat protectant. Only brush your hair once it’s dry as brushing wet hair can lead to breakage.

You should also use a hair serum to lock in moisture and try to wear a sleeping cap or use a silk pillowcase to keep your hair from becoming damaged if you move around in your sleep.

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Weekly Hair Care

If you try to avoid washing your hair too much, you may want to consider shampooing only once a week and co-washing the rest of the time (washing your hair with only conditioner). Your hair will still be cleaned, but it is not stripped of oils, as it would be with harsher shampoo. You may also wish to do a light hair mask once a week, which will lock in nutrients. This mask can be left on for an hour before rinsing out – it will not be as nourishing or heavy as a mask you could do once a month.

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Monthly Hair Care

Once you have your daily and weekly hair care down, you can take the time to really indulge your hair in some wonderful treatments. Doing some deep conditioning treatments once a month can give your hair a health boost that is especially important if you have dry or damaged hair. Some of these can be left in overnight, such as an all-natural coconut oil mask, and thoroughly washed out in the morning.

If you have a colour that needs regular upkeep, such as bleached hair, or a short haircut that requires a regular trim, you may need to see your hairdresser or stylist once a month, too. However, if not, you should still endeavour to see a stylist every six to twelve weeks to freshen up your style and get rid of those split ends for a shinier, healthier head of hair.

If you want to make sure your hair is the best it can be, getting a regular trim can be the best way to ensure you have healthy hair. Strut Hair and Beauty on the Sunshine Coast can help you, whether you need a cut, colour or treatment, and our experienced hair care professionals can advise you on your specific hair type and how best to care for it. Get in touch to book a consultation so we can give you the greatest hair of your life.