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What Are The Best Haircuts For Naturally Curly Hair?

For those with curly hair, finding a haircut idea you like can be difficult. Across the internet and in magazines, haircuts predominantly seem to revolve around straight hair. If you have naturally curly hair, the thought of getting a haircut may bring you anxiety as it’s not always easy to get an idea of what the result may look like. Plus, so many hairdressers can easily mess it up.

That’s why we have provided this article to talk about some of the best haircuts for curly hair, to show that there are creative and doable haircuts for wonderfully wild curly hair.

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1. Deva cut

The Deva cut originated in New York City at the Devachan Salon. This is a detailed technique where a hairdresser will cut your curls one by one, observing how each curl falls after it’s cut and continuing in response to this.

This kind of haircut is tailored specifically to your hair, and whilst it may be a lengthy process, it’s worth it to have a cut you’ll be happy with.

curly hair deva cut

2. Face framing cut

Have you ever looked at the layers on a straight haircut and been jealous of it? Well, there is an option for curly-haired women out there! The face-framing curl cut can add (even more) texture and depth to your hair and frame your face so it stands out beautifully.

This is an ideal cut for those with tight, but voluminous curls. Let your hair drape in a gorgeous fashion with this face-framing cut for curls.

3. Pixie cut

We’ve seen so many celebrities with strenuously straight pixie cuts, and it looks great, but where are the curly-haired women at? If you have curly hair and have always wanted a pixie cut, then it is not something out of your reach!

A pixie cut will help keep your curls out of your way and provide a sophisticated and stylish look for any woman willing to pull it off. You could even have it cut as short as possible on the bottom whilst keeping your curls at the top.

pixie cut curly hair

Image source: Pinterest

4. Ouidad

This, similarly to the Deva cut, is a skilful technique that slices hair with mindful precision. With Ouidad (pronounced wee-dad, if you’re not familiar with French) the haircut is done when your hair is wet and once your hair is shaped, the hairdresser will use the ‘carve and slice’ technique.

It involves taking vertical sections of hair, starting just below your ear, then lengthening the strand out to reveal thicker sections then snipping away appropriately.

5. Fringe

It’s not too common to see a curly-haired person with a fringe, but that’s not to say it can’t be done. Whilst it’s not going to fall the same as a straight fringe, they look just as elegant (if not more so) and can refresh your look if you’re getting bored of your hair.

There are options to have a full, side or curtain fringe with curly hair, all depending on your face shape and what you feel would suit your style!

curly hair fringe

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