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How to choose the RIGHT blonde for your skin tone?

How to choose the right blonde for your skin tone? This is a great question. So often we see pictures of gorgeous models strutting the latest new tones in blondes, whether it be the beautiful buttery soft blonde or a sleek icy silver with a hue of pink. Your stylist is there to help!

Firstly always let your hairdresser see you and discuss colours without the salon gown being on, those gaudy salons gowns do absolutely nothing to even the most perfect client. This gives your hair colourist the opportunity to see you in the colour tones that you normally wear and gain a little insight into you and your lifestyle.

You may have noticed previously when having your colour done that after the completed service you have felt like” I need to put makeup on”, “I am feeling really pink”, “You can see all of my freckles or sunspots”. This is the sure fire insight that the blonde that has been chosen is NOT correct for your skin tone and eyes.

Majority of the population here in Australia have cool skin tones, when you colour with yellow or buttery tones on cool skin you bring out the pink/redness and all of the blemishes that you don’t want to see. The opposite applies to warm skin tones. Cool colours on warm skin will give the appearance of a sallow look to the skin, it will emphasize lines and dark rings around the eyes.

You may ask the question” BUT I love the buttery blondes, they are so pretty” “BUT I love the icy greys or the smokey lilacs, they have so much strength about them” I agree! And you can still have a similar look, however your stylist can create a colour that enhances your skin tone, this gives clarity to the skin, makes you look amazing even without makeup, your skin looks clear and vibrant, your eyes POP and sparkle. This all comes down to the knowledge, skill and creativity of your stylist.

Winter is here! Take the time to set an appointment with your stylist and discuss your options. Create that beautiful blonde that makes you SPARKLE xx

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