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Healthiest Way To Go From Dark Hair To Blonde

If your hair is a dark colour, you don’t have to be afraid of trying out a lighter colour. It is possible to get a sun-kissed blonde without destroying your hair and leaving it a miscoloured mess. It takes patience and know-how to do it right, but you can get a great blonde look with minimal damage to your locks.

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Colouring Hair To Blonde

Trust in the professionals

Drastic colour changes are not things that are recommended for amateurs. It takes a high degree of training to do the process correctly and getting it wrong could lead to you losing some hair or even ruining it completely. What’s more, the products at professional hair salons are stronger and more effective than at-home ones.

If you already regularly put colours in your hair, going blonde may not be the best move. You’ll have to use bleach and lightener just to get the existing colour out, and this will inevitably put more strain on your hair.

Do it in stages

The lighter look is best achieved in increments. Depending on the hue you’re going for and the current state of your hair, it could take up to four sessions at the hairdresser’s. If you have extremely healthy hair, you may be able to get your desired blonde shade in a single session, but you would have to be in the salon for a good seven to eight hours.

Applying Moisturiser to Blonde Hair

Don't leave the salon without getting moisturised

There are various masks and treatments that a hair salon can provide. After bleaching, these can help fill any damaged holes in the hair strands. They can also ensure a healthy shine is maintained and keep the hair soft and hydrated to face the world.

Look after your locks

In the first week after your appointment, keep in mind that you’ve been stripping the natural pigment from your hair. Keeping it hydrated is of the utmost importance, so keep nourishing it with oils and masks to maintain your hair’s health.

Washing Blonde Hair

Shower gently

It is best to use a professional shampoo and conditioner designed to protect your new blonde colour. When you apply your shampoo, be gentle on your hair. When you finish your shower, pat your hair dry and avoid excessive scrubbing with a towel as this can cause breakage. Leave-in conditioner can be a good shout and use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles.

See your stylist regularly

You will be seeing a lot of your stylist because a lot of upkeep is necessary to maintain your new blonde hue. You may need a gloss every couple of weeks, a retouch every four or five weeks, and perhaps a few repairing masks in-between appointments.

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Final thoughts

If you follow all the steps in this guide, you will be taking the healthiest possible route to go from dark hair to blonde. We can help you get the best results at our hair and beauty salon on the Sunshine Coast. We guarantee a relaxing and luxurious experience with our stylists, so get in touch and book an appointment to make your hair goals a reality.