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DIY Hair Colouring: Why You Should Think Twice About Colouring Your Hair At Home

Hair is by far one of our greatest assets, but it is also one of our most noticeable attributes. For this reason, we need to take extra care over how we treat and look after our hair, which is why you should think twice before colouring your hair at home. Investing in the right products and professional hairstyling services like those offered by Strut Hair and Beauty hairdressers on the Sunshine Coast is well worth it when it comes to caring for your luscious locks.

Hair colouring, in particular, poses extra risks and potential for harm. While it can be tempting to try cheap colouring hair kits at home, it is wise to always use a highly trained hair colourist for your hair.

Some of the problems that can arise when colouring your hair at home include:

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1. Dangerous chemicals

Hair colouring kits incorporate a multitude of chemicals and the box usually comes with warning instructions for good reason. It is often advised that you do a skin patch test before using them and take particular care around your eyes. It is much safer to use the services of a trained hair professional who knows how to safely apply hair colour. Home hair colouring kits often come with old technology and innovation that has been super seeded in the professional hairdressing arena. This has an impact on hair quality and ability to create changes in the future.

2. Making a mess

Hair salons are set up for hair colouring with the appropriate equipment including gloves, capes, sinks, mirrors, chairs and washable flooring. The aftermath of using a home hair colouring kit can be quite disastrous if you accidentally splash the colour on your own benchtops, sinks, showers, flooring or even clothing. Hair colour solutions will quickly stain any surface they come into contact with, particularly if you have marble or porous tiles.

3. Avoid disappointment!

An experienced hair colourist has access to a wide range of potential colours and can customise them uniquely for your hair and skin tone. They also have expert knowledge on how to apply foils, cover grey hair and create certain fashionable looks like balayage, Ombre or even the most creative Rainbow Hair techniques. Home hair kits, however, offer only a limited number of “off the shelf” colours which may or may not suit you and leave you feeling disappointed.

4. Hair treatments

Home hair colouring kits usually include a single tube of conditioning treatment for use afterwards, but hair can often feel dry and frizzy just a few days later. Hair salons, on the other hand, have a wide range of high-quality hair treatments and conditioning solutions they have trialled and approved. Strut Hair and Beauty prides itself on using hair products from Australia’s leading brands such as Keune, Fabuloso and Guava, which leave your hair healthy, vibrant and easy to manage.

Professional hairstyling services are definitely worth the money and time. You will always feel like a million dollars after spending a relaxing morning or afternoon being pampered at Strut Hair & Beauty salon.

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