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Hidden Hair Colour Ideas With Underlights & Hidden Rainbow Hair

When it comes to showing off your true colours, there are few other ways to express yourself than with a bold hair colour or style. Well, the 2022 trends are here and Australia is going mad for underlights and hidden colours.

Ideal for a more subtle aesthetic or for those working in jobs that have stricter rules about hair colour, let’s find out more about so-called hidden hair colours.

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What are underlights?

Also known as the ‘secret strand’, this colouring technique dyes layers or strands of hair below the top layers so that the colour (usually natural tones) covers the underlights (usually bold, unnatural colours).

Any colours can be used and the extra freedom it gives clients is undeniable.

Trending underlight styles - Strut Hair

Trending underlight styles

The choices don’t end there, either. This colouring technique comes in a variety of styles.

Peekaboo colours

These involve a colour applied underneath the hair so that it is only visible when the hair is pulled up into an updo. This might be along the edges, curling down under the fringe or up at the back. Whether long hair, an undercut, curly hair, or something else – this style can fit them all.

hidden rainbow hair peakaboo
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Hidden rainbows

This show-stopping look is created by colouring the hair in sections to create a rippling rainbow effect in bold and bright or subtle and pastel. Hidden rainbow styles work particularly well at the back with the natural hair pulled up into a half-bun.

Quirky tips

If you’re looking for a hidden rainbow that’s even more subtle, this is the style for you. Just the tips are coloured rainbow for a fresh and unique look that suits both long and short hair.

How to style your hidden coloured hair

Depending on where you’ve had your colouring, you can experiment with half-updos, French plaits, and messy buns to easily show off your secret colours. Try curling your hair or, if you have black hair, try braiding it into sections to show off cheeky snatches of colour.

hair style with hidden rainbow hair
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The best colours for hidden hair

We recommend balancing the tones of the top and bottom colours of your hair. If you want to stick to your natural hair colour on top, we suggest colours like blue, purple, and green work well for cool hair tones while red, orange, and pink complement warmer tones.

However, the joy of hidden hair colours is that the choice is yours. You can be as out of the box or as subtle as you like.

Why hidden hair colours are growing in popularity: Ideal for bold hair in a not-so-bold job

Want to show off your personality and vibrance with an equally vibrant hair colour? Of course! Working in a job that doesn’t appreciate unnatural hair colour and for whatever reason imposes strict regulations on colour? Not so great.

Luckily, the hidden colour hair trend is ideal. Whether you wear your hair up or down, under a beret, under a hairnet, or loose and unbound – talk to us at Strut Hair and Beauty and we’ll work out the best treatment plan for you.