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How To Choose The Best Hair Colour For Your Skin

Are you struggling to figure out your skin tone and the hair colour that matches and enhance with it? Well, many people face the same problem. With your hair right next to your face, choosing a matching hair colour will give you a much younger look and enrich your natural features.

Also, knowing whether your skin tone is neutral, cool, or warm is very important. This will help you to determine the hair colours that suit your skin tone.

Here is our comprehensive hair colour guide on how you can choose the most flattering hair colour for your skin tone.

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Finding your skin tone

  1. If your veins look purple or blue, you have a cool skin tone.
  2. If your veins appear green or greenish-blue, you have a warm skin tone.
  3. If your vein looks neither blue nor green, perhaps you have a neutral skin tone.

Finding your best hair colour match

According to hair colour statistics, only 7% of women changed their hair colour frequently in 1950. Today, close to 85% of women change their hair colour at least once every eight weeks. This means that women need more information about how to match these hair colours with their skin tones.

Hair colour for cool skin tones

If your skin colour is fair with cooler undertones, then you have many pink, red or blue undertones in your complexion. So, go for hair colours that minimise any redness in your skin. If you have light skin with cool undertones, warm or golden hair colour tones will look gorgeous on you. Pick warm reds, golden blondes or neutral brunettes since they will balance your pinky skin tone.

hair colour cool skin tone

Hair colour for fair skin tones

Is your skin tone lighter? Choose a paler hair colour, says Rita Hazan, a celebrity colourist who works with celebs like Beyoncé and Jessica Simpson. If you have a fair complexion with warm undertones, look for shades such as strawberry blonde, honey and butterscotch.

These shades complement your peachy skin while giving your face a soft glow. If your fair skin comes with a cool undertone, go for blue-based colours. They include platinum, shades of blonde, dark and flaxen. They will give your ivory complexion a flattering appearance.

hair colour warm skin

Hair colour for warm tones

Warm hair colours are great on people with warm skin tones. To get the shades right, pick a hair colour shade with names like “bronze,” “golden,” and “copper”. Warm tones add warmth to hair colour and are often identified as red or gold.

Hair colours for neutral skin undertones

If you have a neutral skin undertone, concentrate more on a colour that suits your skin tone. People with neutral complexions look good in almost every hair colour. They are a combination of warm and cool colours. Make sure to always consider the length, texture, weight, and general health of your hair and natural colour before dyeing it.

hair colour dark skin

Hair colour for dark skin

Sticking to darker colours with warm highlights is a great idea if you have dark skin. Always choose a shade that is closer to your natural hair colour. Rich dark browns and mahoganys match very well with dark skin.

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