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8 Hair And Beauty Tricks For Natural Looks

Get the perfect natural look with these beauty secrets

Keeping your hair and skin healthy and creating a natural makeup look can take time, effort and skill, but there are a number of clever hair and beauty hacks that will make all of it easier and save you time in the long run. We’ve listed some of the best hair and beauty tricks from our experts at Strut Hair and Beauty and stylists from around the world to enhance your natural beauty!

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1) Use a hair diffuser for frizz-free curls

If you have naturally curly hair that’s hard to keep under control, you may be making it worse with a usual hair dryer. Try using a diffuser attachment that will minimise the frizz caused by natural drying whilst ensuring stunning, well-defined curls.

2) Wake up your eyes with a nude eyeliner

Using a light, neutral eyeliner on the lower waterline is a great way to make your eyes look more awake in the morning. This quick beauty trick instantly brightens your eyes and makes them appear larger, without looking artificial or heavy.
nude eyeliner as a beauty trick

3) Use dry shampoo overnight

Shiny, healthy hair is essential for a natural look, and dry shampoo is a lifesaver, but did you know you can also use it before you go to bed? If your hair is looking limp but you aren’t going to have time to wash it in the morning, try spraying dry shampoo on your hair before you go to sleep and wake up to bouncy, healthy hair.

4) Dial back the lashes

If your mascara looks heavy and you’re trying to go for a soft natural look, try this beauty hack. Apply your mascara as you normally would, and then dip two cotton buds in makeup remover. Then use the cotton buds to punch the lashes between them so you can take off enough mascara for a defined but more natural set of eyelashes.

5) Keep bobby pins in with hairspray

If you’re using bobby pins to create a natural, bohemian hairstyle, you don’t want them falling out or looking obvious! Spray your bobby pins with hairspray or dry shampoo and leave them to dry for a minute before you put them in so they’re totally secure and your hairstyle continues to look fabulous.
hair and beauty trick with bobby pins and hairspray

6) Leave your conditioner on for longer

This hair secret allows you to make the most of your hair care routine, for fuller, shiny, healthy hair. Don’t wash your conditioner off straight away, leave it for an extra ten minutes so your hair can absorb all the benefits.

7) Try a silk pillow

You probably haven’t even thought about how your pillow affects your hair when you sleep, but switching to a silk pillowcase can be great for your hair and skin too. Cotton pillowcases will absorb moisture from your skin and hair which can cause breakages and split ends. Silk pillowcases absorb less moisture, are gentler on the skin and have anti-ageing benefits.

8) Call a professional

If your hair needs some extra TLC, call the hair experts at Strut Hair and Beauty today on 07 5443 5605. Whether you want some layers to add volume or a new hair colour to transform your look while still looking natural, contact the Sunshine Coast’s leading hair and beauty salon in Maroochydore today.

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