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Can You Really Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

According to recent statistics, approximately 40% of men aged 35 experience visible hair loss and 40% of women aged 40. That means millions of men and women struggle to grow healthy-looking and long hair every day. Hair loss and stunted hair growth are the biggest enemies to anyone looking to grow long and healthy hair. Some people trust hair growth supplements to fasten hair growth, while others opt for hair implants or natural DIY approaches to boost the speed at which hair grows. So can you really make your hair grow faster? Let’s find out below.
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Is there a magic trick to make hair grow faster?

The wealth of experience beauty therapists and hairdressers at Strut Hair and Beauty salon have acquired over the years has enabled them to understand hair anatomy. We can assertively tell you that there is no scientifically proven approach to speed up hair growth according to what we know about hair and its growth mechanisms.

In other words, there is no magic trick to make your hair grow longer within a predicted timeframe. The only known way for you to grow healthy, long hair is by allowing your genetics to function. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t support the hair growth process. Here are some ways experts recommend to promote fast hair growth:

Foods That Promotes Hair Growth

A balanced diet

A balanced diet is a powerful hair growth catalyst. A balanced diet must contain B vitamins, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. These powerful dietary ingredients activate hair growth from the inside. They nourish the hair roots and supply more nutrients to ensure faster growth.

It may be beneficial to book a book test with your local doctor if you believe your hair loss may be due to your diet. A blood test can identify if you are deficient in any vitamins that may cause hair loss, such as iron, vitamin E and sulphur.
Stylist Shampooing Hair

Safe and natural conditioners and shampoos

Promoting hair growth from the outside requires using high-quality shampoos and conditioners. Products that are formulated with harsh chemicals and fragrances should be avoided. Look for products with almond oil, sunflower oil, and other natural ingredients to make your hair stronger, resilient to stress and smoother.

Blow Drying Hair

Protecting your hair from heat and environmental aggressors

Chemicals and heat can damage your hair and weaken hair bonds. Extreme exposure to chemicals and UV rays weaken the hair’s ability to resist breakage and maintain a healthy look. Always use heat-protectant when applying heat to your hair, including when blow-drying your hair. When in direct sunlight, try to keep your hair covered by wearing a hat. You may also wish to apply a powder SPF to your scalp to ensure it doesn’t burn when exposed to the sun.

For more information about promoting faster hair growth, contact our qualified hair stylists at Strut Hair and Beauty salon now.