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How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

Are you sick and tired of dealing with frizzy hair? It’s a common complaint for those of us with long locks and it’s often the source of frustration when it comes to hair that just won’t do what it’s supposed to. To help you beat the frizz, this article takes a look at what causes frizzy hair and how you can prevent it.

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What Causes Hair To Go Frizzy?

We all know that frizzy hair is a nightmare, but what exactly causes your hair to go frizzy? Well, the most common cause of frizz is too much moisture. This is most notable in humid climates, which is why it’s so common to experience frizzy hair there. Your hair’s outer layer absorbs moisture from the surrounding air, causing it to expand and frizzle out.

Although high humidity is one of the most common reasons for hair frizz, it’s not the only reason. Other common factors that cause frizzy hair include:

  • Using products containing sulphates or alcohol
  • Washing hair in water that’s too hot
  • Touching your hair too often or too much
  • Towel drying your hair
  • Using hot tools like curling irons too often
Professional Hairdresser Trimming Hair

Hair Care Tips To Prevent Frizzy Hair

To help you win your battle against frizzy hair, take a look at some of the tips below:

Get A Good Haircut

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s important to trust the professionals with your hair. So make sure that you get a really good haircut to help eliminate the risk of frizz. A professional trim job ensures that your hair doesn’t have any dead ends. If you’re in a particularly humid climate, it might be worth considering a cut that uses blunt lines to weigh the hair down.

Use Lower Temperatures On Your Hair

There are lots of tips on keeping your hair healthy, but one of the easiest to adopt is lowering the temperatures you apply to your hair. Whether that’s when you’re bathing or blow-drying your hair, make sure that you aren’t using scalding hot temperatures. If you’re using water that’s too hot then your hair cuticles will raise, which absorbs more moisture than normal. That’s how the frizz can start. So avoid this by lowering your temperatures when dealing with your hair.

Choose The Right Hair Care Products

When it comes to choosing the right hair care routine, it’s difficult to know what products are the best to use because there are so many different options. So make sure that you’re using the right stuff and avoid any products that have high alcohol content, as this dries out the hair and creates frizz. Ideally, opt for shampoos with hydrating properties or ones that contain glycerin. This helps your hair avoid any extra moisture in the air by creating a protective layer.

At Strut Hair and Beauty, we use hair products by KEUNE Cosmetics and recommend these to our clients.

Always Remember To Use Conditioner

Shampoo on its own is a great way to clean the hair, but it requires a conditioner to retain the natural moisture of your locks. Shampoo essentially strips the natural oils out of your hair in the cleaning process, which can result in frizz. Hair conditioner works to combat this by helping your hair lock in its natural moisture content. A good rule of thumb is to alternate between days of using shampoo with conditioner and then a day with just conditioner.

If you’d like to get your hair looking its best – and frizz free – then get in touch with our specialists at Strut Hair and Beauty today. Our Sunshine Coast experts are available to offer advice and professional hairdresser services that you will love. Contact us today on (07) 5443 5605 for more information.