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How To Rock Dark Roots With Blonde Hair

Let’s face it! Maintaining blonde hair is hard. When it’s freshly coloured, your hair looks light and fresh, but after a few weeks those pesky dark roots start peeking through. That’s why more and more people are embracing their natural dark roots and finding creative ways to blending them into their blonde.

Not only is blonde hair with dark roots easier to maintain, it’s also a fantastic way to add dimension and personality to your hair. Whether you’re after a dramatic contrast or a subtle transition, you can personalise your look to suit you. To help you settle on your style, here are some popular hair colouring techniques to help you rock blonde hair with dark roots.

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Balayage Or Foilyage

When it comes to blending dark roots with blonde hair, balayage and foilyage are two of the most popular choices. Balayage, a French term for ‘sweeping’, involves freehand painting of the dye onto your hair, creating a soft, natural transition from dark to light. Foilyage, on the other hand, combines the balayage technique with foils, allowing for lighter ends and a more pronounced colour gradation. The process is similar to balayage, but the lightener is more developed in foils to give more lift and definition to the lighter sections.

Ombre Or Sombre

If you’re after a more distinct gradient, ombre or sombre could be your go-to. Starting with your natural hair colour and ending with lighter blondes, ombre offers a striking contrast between your roots and ends. In contrast, Sombre, or ‘subtle ombre’, offers a softer transition between the colours in your hair. It’s perfect for those wanting to experiment with dark roots and blonde hair but prefer a more subtle, natural look.

Root Smudge Or Shadow Root

Root smudging and shadow root techniques add depth and dimension by deliberately darkening the roots. Root smudging involves applying a darker shade directly to your roots to give a soft, seamless contrast between your roots and ends. A shadow root is a similar technique but offers a more dramatic look that is darker than a root smudge.

How To Maintain Dark Roots On Blonde Hair

Maintaining a style that incorporates dark roots with blonde hair is as simple as it gets! Here are some handy tips to maintain your hair:

  • Regular trims: Keeping your hair healthy with regular trims is essential. This helps remove any split ends and maintains the overall health of your hair.
  • Book toning appointments: Come back to the salon every six to eight weeks for toning and so your hairdresser can decide if your baseline needs raising. If you have a root smudge or shadow, more frequent maintenance may be needed.
  • Use colour-safe products: Regular use of colour-safe shampoos and conditioners help prolong your hair colour and keep your blonde more vibrant. You may need to use a purple shampoo on your blonde ends from time to time to reduce brassiness.
  • Protect from heat: Using a heat protectant before using styling tools can help minimise damage to your ends.
  • Deep conditioning: Regular deep conditioning treatments will keep your blonde hair shiny and vibrant.

Ready To Rock Blonde Hair With Dark Roots?

Whether you’re after a dramatic contrast or a natural-looking transition, rocking dark roots with blonde hair will reduce upkeep and give you’re a stunning look. If you’re ready to embrace your roots, book an appointment with Strut Hair & Beauty today. Our experienced hairdressers can create a look that’s uniquely you, using techniques suited to your hair type and style preferences. We can’t wait to help you strut your stuff in a new and stunning hair colour.